Does the Federal Reserve Set Mortgage Rates?

There is a lot of speculation in the news about when—or if—the Federal Reserve (“The Fed”) is going to “raise rates.”

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Improves Much More Than Expected

The Preliminary August reading was much stronger than expected at 97.6 vs est of 94.0. Expectations for inflation remain tepid.

Al Giddings sold his Montana home

Al Giddings, underwater cinematographer, and director, recently sold his home in Montana.

Single Family Home Starts Surge

SFR (856K units) now have an 11% YOY gain and Building Permits (811K) are at 13% YOY.

US Housing Starts Fell in July on Apartment Building Slowdown

The expectations were for starts at 1225K +0.9%, as released starts were weaker at 1155K, down 4.8%. Building permits expected 1246K, permits were lower at 1223K, down 4.0%