A bygone era; things rarely present in homes anymore

Ever walk into a house and see something that reminded you of your childhood, but suddenly realize that little amenity or object is no longer present in today’s homes?

The Consumer Price Index shows a decrease in inflation

Traders and markets waited two weeks for current inflation data, yesterday April PPI data revealed...

AI: A somewhat scary (but handy) tool for real estate and design professionals

???? Curious about how AI is revolutionizing the world of home design? This blog post explores how AI is streamlining workflows and expanding creative potential in the industry. From generating custom images to designing the world's first AI sink, it's clear AI is making waves. But don't worry, it's here to assist, not replace! Also, find out about some handy AI tools transforming the real estate profession! Intrigued? Read the article to discover more! ?? www.mtgwhiz.com | ?? 215-407-3832 #mortgage #realestate #homebuyer #firsttimehomebuyer #realtor #loan #mortgagetips #AI #loanofficer

Three things that could impact rates the week starting 01-09-23

This week we look to the Federal Reserve, treasury auctions and inflation data as the primary movers for rates

Three things that can move rates this week

We hear from the Central Banks from 3 of the 6 largest economies in the world: Bank of Japan, Bank of England, and our Federal Reserve