Are today's rates the calm before tomorrow's Fed storm?

Today starts 2 days of FOMC meetings, tomorrow we get their policy statement, interest rate decision, economic projections (dot plot chart)...

What happens in Britain can affect the U.S housing market

Last week, Britain's Parliament voted not to leave the EU. Not, that is, without a deal in place that would smooth t

Home renovations on the agenda big time in 2019

It could be a sense of economic stability, it could be a matter of keeping up with the Joneses, or it...

Rates slip as the economy shows little signs of inflation

The Feb Headline Consumer Price Index YOY was lighter than expected (1.5% vs est of 1.6%)...

Millennials have a lot of misconceptions about what is required to buy a home

Prevalent first-time homebuyer myths are best overcome with a little education.