Luxury home prices outpace the rest of the market

High-end homes—the top 5% of the most expensive homes in each city—are increasing in value at a higher rate than the rest of the market. In the second quarter of 2017,...

Mortgage rate volatility could spike starting Wednesday

This week’s key economic data hits later Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. In the meantime, Treasury will conduct its...

Watch out for fake home ads

With ever-rising rents, scammers are targeting desperate would-be renters through the popular classified ad website, Craigslist.

Chris Anderson Lists Miami Mansion

NBA veteran Chris Anderson, AKA Birdman, listed his Miami home in April for $4.55 million. Since then...

Mortgage applications post slight decline

Weekly MBA mortgage applications weaker, the composite index -2.8%, purchase apps -2.0% and refinance apps -4.0%.