The mixed bag that keeps buyers wondering and homeowners staying put

How is it possible for the Feds to hike interest rates and then see mortgage rates go down? Truth is often stranger than fiction...

Are termites lingering on your profile or swiping left?

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Today henges on FOMC

At 2 pm FOMC is expected to be increased 25 bps, at 2:30 pm Powell will hold his usual press conference, although this one is going to more interesting than usual. What will he say about the banking issues

‘Accidental landlords’ are raking in the benefits of today’s interest rates

Think of how great it would be if home sellers could pass along their pandemic-low interest rates to those who might buy their home. Homes would be...

How to have a bad home inspection

Kicking the tires on a house requires attention as well as reason on your part.