US purchase apps impress and China trade imbalance shrinks

 Purchase applications were up by +1.0% while refinance apps dropped 8.0% following the prior week's 11.0%...

Home builders see labor shortage as their biggest concern for 2019

Work ethic scholarships are for people who are hungry to learn a skill that’s in demand...

Hedging your bets on your very first flip

While it pays to educate yourself before becoming a flipper, anything can happen.

Gas prices higher but interestingly still very little inflation

At 8:30 am ET the March CPI expected +0.3% increased 0.4%; yr/yr expected +1.8% increased 1.9%...

Take the emotion out of buying a home using good business sense

Removing emotion is no easy task. But if we looked at buying home the way we might buy a stock or mutual fund, education is the key.